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The Hudson Valley: A Cultural Guide
Published in 2009 by the Quantuck Lane Press and the Alliance for the Arts, with support from Furthermore, this 288-page hardcover guidebook provides information on more than 500 galleries, performing arts centers, museums, botanical gardens, parks, fairs and festivals along the Hudson River, from New York City to the Adirondacks. The guide celebrates not just the big museums and historic houses for which the valley has long been famous, but also an array of contemporary places to experience new and traditional music, theater and outdoor sculpture. Photographs and text by Benjamin Swett. Edited by Randall Bourscheidt. Maps by Myra Klockenbrink. Design by Laura Lindgren.

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Route 22

Published in 2007 by the Quantuck Lane Press, with support from Furthermore, this 192-page narrative describes, in photographs and text, a series of journeys along a 350-mile state highway connecting Manhattan and Montreal. One day while driving along the road, the author was struck by the contrast between the landscape he could see through his car window and the more romantic one he remembered from his childhood. Without any particular plan, he set out to discover how the upstate New York of James Fenimore Cooper and Thomas Cole became this other place––a seemingly lost, untended region of Off-Track Betting Parlors and Tattoo Emporiums, abandoned diners, and ancient buildings crumbling into forgotten canals. Text and Photographs by Benjamin Swett; design by Laura Lindgren.

"This is a haunting and insightful work that transcends the picturesque to approach the profound."

--From the Forward by Robert Stone

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Great Trees of New York City: A Guide
Published in 2000 by the New York Tree Trust, with support from the Arthur Ross Foundation, this 48-page monograph introduces residents and visitors to 105 of the most important trees and groves in New York City. There are approximately 2.5 million trees growing in parks and along streets in the five boroughs. Among them are a few whose unusual size, age, form, species or historic associations distinguish them from the rest. Just as the National Register of Big Trees identifies extraordinary trees acriss the country, this book describes those of particular interest in New York. Photographs and text by Benjamin Swett. Introduction by Parks Commissioner Henry J. Stern. Design by Toby Allan Schust.

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