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Route 22

In 1998 I began driving up the old state highway connecting Manhattan and Montreal along the eastern border of New York State, getting to know the towns along the way and taking pictures. The road had always interested me, not only because I had lived along it at various points in my life, but also because I thought it might teach me something about how upstate New York had come to look the way it does. Some years later, I organized my notes and photographs into a book, a sort of photographic narrative describing some of what I had seen and how it had affected my life and that of my family. The book was published in 2007 by the Quantuck Lane Press, with the help of a grant from Furthermore. It was designed by Laura Lindgren. The photographs continue to have a life of their own; most recently (6/1/10-1/4/11) they were on exhibit at the Albany International Airport in a solo exhibit that was part of the airport’s Art & Culture Program.

"This is a haunting and insightful work that transcends the picturesque to approach the profound."

--From the Forward by Robert Stone

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