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21: A Life in Photographs

After the death of our daughter Rachel in 2010, the CAS Arts Center in Livingston Manor, NY very kindly asked Katherine and me if we would organize a collection of Rachel's photographs for a memorial show. Born into a family of photographers, Rachel took pictures throughout her life and left an extensive and highly individual collection of prints, negatives, and digital files. With the help of the gallery we were able to combine a selection of Rachel's best work with some of my own and that of other artists to create a sort of visual biography (and autobiography) of our daughter from her birth on May 5, 1989 in New York City through her death on June 23, 2010 after a skiing accident in New Zealand. Aside from nearly 60 photographs by Rachel, most of them printed by her in the darkroom, and 20 by me, the show also featured work by Zoe Davis, Irving Barrett, Anne Lafond, Jill Krementz, John Nordell, Matthew Gaddis, Lyn Swett Miller, Sarah Swett, Joni Wehrli, Katherine, and our son Willie Swett. At the opening reception on September 3, 2011 our son Nicky played Bach's 1st Cello Suite; the show took its title from a group of poems by Katherine.

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